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Experience Design: The Book

What will your customers experience today?

Businesses thrive when they can engage customers. While many companies understand that design is a powerful tool for engagement, they lack the vocabulary, tools, and processes required to enable design to make a difference. Experience Design provides a new way for business and design to collaborate by explaining how to integrate brand, value, and customer experience to build engagement. You’ll learn how to think about design as a system of interdependent processes and outcomes, and work with design partners more efficiently to create better quality experiences across the entire customer journey.

A reference tool for both business leaders and designers, Experience Design will keep your team focused on what’s most important.

... Experience Design both brings about a new level of understanding and asserts the value of this rapidly evolving field.
John Maeda
President, Rhode Island School of Design

What’s Inside

A synopsis of the sections and chapters provides a quick preview into the book. While the book is written as a linear explanation, chapters can be used with teams in stand-alone fashion to help begin making a transition to an experience-centric approach to engaging customers.


Useful tools from the book are formatted for download and easy distribution and use. In addition, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and other content will be available.