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About the Authors

Patrick Newbery
Chief Strategy Officer, Method

Using over 20 years of experience with strategy, brand, innovation, and design, Patrick helps develop the tools and frameworks that the company uses to shape client engagements.

He lives in Berkeley, CA and spends much of his free time trying to keep up with his two children.

We wrote Experience Design to create a better common-ground of understanding between design and business. We want the two sides to work together more efficiently to achieve business goals.

Kevin Farnham
Chief Executive Officer, Method

Kevin is responsible for company strategy, global recruiting, and business development. His passion is for helping companies create truly great brands, products, and services through design.

Over the course of the past two decades, he has worked directly with business leaders from companies such as Apple, BBC, Microsoft, MoMA, Nike, Google, and TED Conferences.

Businesses can be tempted to focus on the sales or acquisition funnel, but what happens after purchase? How can you keep the customer engaged? Often this needs to be addressed during product definition, not by customer service operation design.

Experience Design aims to bridge that gap.