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The book is a call to action.

“Following in the footsteps of Walter Dorwin Teague’s 1940 Industrial Design classic Design this Day, Newbery and Farnham’s book defines a place for Experience Design in a world that is shifting from physical to digital.

The duo’s authoritative take on how experience designers knit together the fields of design and business shows how they relentlessly anticipate, intuit, model and create value for organizations of all kinds.

Experience Design both brings about a new level of understanding and asserts the value of this rapidly evolving field.”

John Maeda
President, Rhode Island School of Design

“In recent years, Experience Design has emerged as a discipline and a set of practices that can help businesses grapple with the totality of their interactions with customers. The classically trained designer has not been forced to solve for all these aspects of the problem, and many businesses are still not organized in a way to effectively utilize design.

Newbery and Farnham’s book is centered here, helping business create better overall customer experiences by providing a broad framework for understanding what Experience Design is and how it operates. This is an effort to describe ‘a calculus of Experience Design.’ Given how nascent the field is, it’s a damn good start”

Michael Gough
VP Experience Design, Adobe Systems

“Within the design world, the most comprehensive contribution the design mind can make to solving problems based on empathy, creativity and flawless execution, all focused on the human experience, is experience design. For a decade, designers have written about what it is or what it does. Kevin and Patrick have broken new ground in sharing a well-conceived approach on how a designer actually integrates brand, experience and value through the designing process."

Richard Grefé
Executive Director, AIGA, the professional association for design